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Our Great Team

We love building products for you

Regena Provost

Executive Host, Entrepreneur

Founder & Creator of FCAM Outreach Program 

She has all the power, wisdom and knowledge to build, design and create and will bring anyone along with her who is willing to surrender and let God lead them. Her passion is helping people & encouraging the broken that they too can be restored and renewed with the right tools and support.  Her past experiences of Physical, Sexual, Substance abuse and Self destructive behaviors has given her the ability to speak to those in the deepest and darkest places and speak life of light into them.

Deborah Lombardo

 Executive Co-host, Lab Technician, former TSA

She has recently joined our Podcast as a co-host and determines to help others by teaching them how to love with a pure heart and to work together in perfect harmony as the lord intends for it to be.

[email protected]

Charmian McFarlane

Part time Co-host, Missionary Leader, Co-Founder & Creator of FCAM Outreach Program

Recently becoming a widow and battling her own health, this resilient woman still finds the strength to feed the homeless with her ill daughter three times a week, volunteer at her local church, and is in the process of starting her own missionary program where she will be travelling the world to help others in need of her help & support.

[email protected]